New Mail Accounts For Outlook Express & Entourage
Step 1 » Open Outlook Express or Entourage.
» Select Menu Tools.
» Select Accounts...

Step 2 » Select New.
» Select Mail...

Step 3 » For account type select POP.
» Select OK.

Step 4 » Enter Account Name.
(Anything you want, i.e. My Mail. This is used to specify your accounts.)

» Enter Your Name.
(Anything you want, i.e. John Smith. This will be sent with all outgoing mail.)

» Enter Email Address.
(your_name is the account name for your account, i.e. johnsmith. is the name of the domain, i.e.

» Enter Account ID.
(Your ID is your full email address.)

» Enter POP Server.

» Enter Password.

» Enter SMTP Server.

» Select Click here for advanced sending options.

Step 4 » Check Override Default SMTP port and enter 2525
» Check SMTP server requires authentication
» Select Use same settings as incoming mail server

» Close advanced settings. (Top left corner.)
» Select OK

You're Done!
« Go back to help.

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