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About Us
About The Company
Emphasys Technologies, Inc. is a privately-held Internet consulting firm based in Dallas, with clients in Boston, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Houston and Virginia. Emphasys specializes in turn-key web presence building...from conceptual internet strategy to final implementation. The company focuses on e-commerce solutions, database-driven websites, and web design and hosting for small-to-medium businesses. We've provided custom Internet and Intranet solutions to hundreds of organizations, including J C Penney Insurance Group, sell.com, Watters & Watters, Elite Transportation, Wilson & Associates, Hollywood Casinos, and The Roomstore. The company's work has been nationally recognized.

Emphasys has been working with Internet technologies from their inception. Our web designers, computer scientists, and human interface specialists, have worked on hundreds of web development efforts... from the very small, to the quite large.

Over the years, Emphasys has deployed systems using a wide range of web technologies (PHP, Perl, JSP, WebObjects, and others), and utilizing a variety of database systems as well (MySQL, DB2, Oracle, SyBase, Postgres, and SQL Server). Emphasys is an ardent promoter and active participant in the OpenSource Technology movement. While we make use of a variety of commercial technologies, our in-house systems are centered on standards-based software -- Linux/UNIX, Apache, PHP, Perl, and MySQL. This translates to more reliable systems based on widely-accepted standards with a lower cost of entry.

Many of Emphasys' web applications are based on PHP, the most popular scripting language on the web. PHP is an opensource language designed specifically for web development, and is most similar to Microsoft's ASP environment. PHP applications are faster than Java Servlets, IIS/ASP, and Perl-based applications by 100-400% depending on configuration. PHP isn't utilized simply for its speed: the language has a massive base of developers, and is rapidly evolving - real requests from real developers are integrated into the language on a regular basis, making PHP an excellent choice for developing applications for production use. Finally, PHP is the most widely installed Apache server module -- it is active on more than 7,500,000 domains -- a strong indicator of PHP's utility for web development.

Emphasys provides your company with colocation facilities that are second to none. Our colocation space is in the highly secure and exceptionally well engineered Equinix IBX located at the InfoMart in Dallas.

Bandwidth for Emphasys and it's colocation customers is provided by InterNAP, the premier provider of "NAP-less" and smart routing technology for Internet traffic. InterNAP is widely recognized as having the best IP transit available to speed your packets onto their destination. We utilize 2 full-duplex 100Mbit links into InterNAP, so whatever your data needs are, we can support.

All of Emphasys' servers are located at the best possible environment for any size company in the world. That is why Emphasys has chosen the Equinix IBX Data Center facility in Dallas, Texas to provide the most reliable solution for you. The Equinix world-class facilities are home to the world's largest content and enterprise companies such as AOL, Yahoo, Google, IBM, Sony, Electronic Arts, General Electric, Hotwire, Paypal, Primedia/About.com, and many others (click here to see the list).

Equinix IBX Center architectures are the world-class industry standard for premium colocation facilities. Customers are guaranteed to experience superior environmental benefits at each and every Equinix IBX Center.
  • » Center is manned by on-site security on a 24x365 basis.
  • » All doors, including cages, are secured with biometric hand geometry readers.
  • » All exterior walls are bullet resistant.
  • » Entire perimeter bounded by concrete bollards/planters.
  • » A silent alarm and automatic notification of appropriate law enforcement officials.
  • » Protection on all exterior entrances.
  • » All areas of the center are monitored and recorded using CCTV, and all access points are controlled.
  • » Visitors are screened upon entry to verify their identity, and in shared situations, are escorted to their appropriate locations. Access history is recorded for audit by customers, as needed.

With Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and emergency backup diesel generators, our electrical distribution system is designed to power all systems, even during a blackout. UPS systems prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts while redundant backup diesel generators provide additional fuel to keep the data center powered up in the event that public utility fails. The entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation. The overall system is N+1 redundant, including each component within the parallel electrical systems.

For more information about our co-location facility, visit equinix.com.
For more information about our communications provider, visit internap.com

For other questions or comments concerning our operation, please feel free to contact us.

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